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Learning at GPS

Middle School

Class 6 to Class 8

In class VI to VIII, children at the age group of 11 – 14, are able to learn faster, deeper and into the best details. This is the basic postulate we keep in mind while formulating lessons in these classes. At this age, children develops their understanding of society in its varied implications and we lead them to Learn more, Apply what is learnt and practice more. At this age we introduce them to array of opportunities of skill development and Leadership Practices. Along with Language and Hygiene Monitors, there are Class House Leaders, who will learn and practice organised social life and orderly More... behaviour. Various Clubs activities are begun at this level. Mathematics Club, Science Club, Heritage Club, Language Club are only a few to mention. Children appreciate the roll of family and Value of Elders in the family at this age. Less...

Senior Secondary Section.

11 And 12

Each child & parent will be able to choose a combination of subjects at this stage which will suite the aptitude and ambitions of them. We realise that this is the stage of ‘Specialisation’ & ‘Diversification’. Subject combinations offered in the school are;
1. English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.
2. English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science.
3. English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science.
4. English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & More... Physical Education/Tamil.
5. English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics & Computer Science.