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About Gurukshetra

Gurukshetra Public School – A School with Difference, has become a house-hold name in and around Kanchipuram within a short period of its existence. This is mainly due to the excellence we could achieve in the Academic field as well as co-curricular activities. The growth of the school into a major educational institution with an overall strength of 900 students within this short period is a standing testimony for this excellence.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has appreciated our efforts in building-up this institution into a major seat of learning and granted Secondary School Affiliation to our school in the second year of its inception itself.

Committed Teachers with proper training and qualification has always been our promise to the parents, and we have successfully delivered this promise. The school policy on Continuous Capacity Building of teachers had paid rich dividends to the School in general and to the students in particular. In GPS we prepare children to excel in Academics – we also build-up all necessary skills required for a successful person and enabling them a harmonious living in the Society. Technology driven academic practices enables children comfortable with new ideas and understanding concepts.

Sports and Physical Health of children are taken proper care. Attitudes of children towards nature and environment are positive; we nurture them with necessary in-put activities. Nationalism and Patriotism are imbibed by our children from their practices in school, thus they grow-up as responsible citizens.

Correspondent’s message

On behalf of all the students, teachers and faculty, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the warm community of Gurukshetra Public School. As parents, we understand that, selecting a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you will make in life.

We are strongly committed to ensure that each and every student receives the utmost care, motivation and learning to ensure the child’s all-round development. We know that the ability to think independently and possessing the spirit of inquiry will enable the child to grow up as an autonomous individual with confidence. Knowing what a child wants to do in life and wherewithal to reach their goal in future, your children are at the right place in Gurukshetra. This is the drive of Gurukshetra Family. public school.

Our carefully chosen academic staff are highly qualified and well experienced in modern and innovative methods of teaching and, will be the best guide and facilitators to open the windows of knowledge. Our core idea is to enable children to discover their inner strength to perceive things around them and move to higher levels of knowledge as they grow into young adults, in order to find a suitable place and be a valuable contributor to the ever changing, dynamic society.

Gurukshetra public school promises to live up to these ideals to bring out the wholesome personality of the students under our tutelage. We seek your co-operation, blessings and patronage to help us realize this dream for your child.

With warm regards,

S. Murugan

Chairman′s Message


We had a dream! A dream of establishing a Quality Educational Institution in Kanchipuram: A place where Quality is the First Lesson Commitment is the Learning Character is the Virtue & Wisdom is the Outcome. Which strives for Noble Citizenship & Enlightened Social Living. We are on a journey to achieve this. Be with us. Support us.

With warm regards,

G. Selvarajan

Principal′s Message


Welcome Greetings from Gurukshetra Family,

"Vision without Action is only 'imagination', Action without Vision is total 'confusion' Action with Vision is 'Transformation'. We are here in Kanchipuram with this 'Mantra' of TRANSFORMATION Transforming each child into a: 'Successful Personality' with a balanced IQ - Intelligence Quotient EQ - Emotional Quotient & SQ - Social Quotient. 'Noble Human Being' with Creativity Critical Thinking Curiosity & Compassion. A 'Fit Person' with Sound Physique & Healthy Mind. In Gurukshetra, each child is treated as a unique person and efforts are made to develop each one into an 'autonomous individual'. Here our approach is "Holistic Education". Come, let us take the journey together, to the "Total Personality" development of our children, through "Holistic Education".

With warm regards,

K.santhosh Kumar


At Gurukshetra, academic excellence is just the beginning. All-round development, communication skills and industry interactions are all part of our program. The school includes senior educationalists on its management committee and plans to attract and employ expert senior teachers.

We hope you will support us in this noble endeavor and be part of our journey. If you have any questions, please contact us at If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact