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Welcome to Gurukshetra!

Gurukshetra is a new age school that believes not just in academic development, but in the overall progress of a child. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “A child is a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”. At Gurukshetra, we strive to mould that thought, to shape the child of today into a stalwart leader of tomorrow.

Gurukshetra Public School is promoted by VGM Educational and Charitable Trust, which has been a trusted name in the academic area for over three decades, establishing educational institutions, introducing computer learning centers and pioneering industry training and placements programmes. Today, the alumni from various institutions under the VGM Trust, head leading multinational organizations, are at the forefront of technology in some of the most respected scientific organizations in the country, are change leaders in politics and business. A testimony to the true capabilities of the prodigies from the temple town of kanchipuram and a source of great pride to us, who have helped them along their paths at an impressionable age!

Gurukshetra Public School is aimed at providing affordable, high quality education and holistic development to the children of Kanchipuram. The school is conveniently situated on the Vaiyavoor road, about 6 km from the Kanchipuram main bus stand and 2 kms from the railway station and 2.5 km from Mamallanagar.

We practice the CBSE curriculum. But, at Gurukshetra, academic excellence is just the beginning and we take great pride in our unique approach to education and overall development. Communication skills, sports, outdoor activities and industry interactions are all part of our program, aimed at fostering leadership and preparing the children for a life beyond the classroom, where they can truly excel in their chosen careers. Gurukshetra already has established industry connections with leading multinational organizations around the country, who will be visiting our campus to provide thought provoking and inspiring seminars, aimed at opening budding minds to infinite possibilities.

We also believe in the societal responsibility of an academic institution in shaping young minds to prevent social problems and building empathy and respect for human rights.

At Gurukshetra, we take great pride in our academic team, whom we select after a rigorous selection process. We offer a continuous training program, a great workplace and government salary scales. Gurukshetra is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of color, sex, religion, caste or social background. We provide a professional workplace, free of discrimination and bias where only quality and merit get rewarded.

Open for admissions in Academic Year 2014

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Gurukshetra Public School
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